Discover the natural way cooking. Discover E-Cooker.

With our bamboo fibre kitchenware Check our product section! , and our ceramic knives Lighter, cleaner and sharper! your dishes will never be the same.

We are E Cooker. We are nature.

We have been exporting a wide variety of household products from China to the international Market for over twenty years.  After spending considerable time researching consumer cooking behavior .  We have in the last 10 years, focused on ECO friendly kitchen tools, accessories, cookware, tableware, which are made from natural resources and use innovative production process. Our products fuses eastern aesthetic sensibilities with Western technology and functionalism, and gives the consumer a more healthier life style. We are respectful of mother earth and our endeavour is to ensure these products are biodegradable and environmental friendly.
Discover more about our philosophy The natural way! , have a look at our products or drop us a line for more information, we are always happy to hear from more eco friendly people!


Why Bamboo Fibre?.

Bamboo is a highly renewable material.
It does not need replanting.
Bamboo is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants.
It can be harvested in 3-5 years.
Bamboo is environmentally friendly.
It reduces deforestation through wood substitution.
Bamboo fibre home products are biodegradable
When disposed of in the soil, bamboo fibre converts into a fertilizer for plants .

why bamboo
Bamboo Fibre
to Re-harvest

Endless Possibilities: The only kitchenware you will need.

We are confident we have the kitchenware you are looking for. Have a look at our products that come in a wide range of colours and functionality!

advantages of bamboo

Cutting edge technology for our ceramic knives.

Quasi transparent sharp blades that cut through food without leaving any trace that leads to oxidation. The revolution in cooking!


Ranked 8.2 on the Mohs scale of hardness versus 5.5 of the stainless steel , ceramic blades are second only to diamonds which the top of the scale at 10 and are the hardest mineral.


The extreme hardness of ceramic blades gives them an outstanding sharpness which does not dull knives for life! with use, or with time.


Czarin ceramic blades are light-weight Don't get tired cooking ever again! and are easy to manoeuvre in the kitchen.


Czarin ceramic blades allow one to effortlessly produce paper thin Professional cooking! , “food-processor” quality cuts over and over again.


Czarin ceramic blades are chemically inert. They do not rust Cleaner cooking, healthier life! , or react with vegetables or fruits, and do not transfer taste or odours.


The sharpness of the blade ensures a “cleaner” cut No more oxidation! in vegetables like onions. This minimizes the amount of sulphuric acid released by the onion when cut, thereby significantly reducing irritation and tears.

The revolution is here: Ceramic Knives for a cleaner perfect cut.

Touch, Cut, Believe. Our line of Ceramic Knives will change the way you understand cooking!

advantages of the ceramic knives

This is just part of who we are, E Cooker is also:

  • Manufacturers of all our products

  • Ecofriendly: of course!

  • We use the best materials.

  • Designers: From sketch to product

  • Passionate about our products

  • Innovative

  • Wholesalers

  • Trustworthy: 100% Success cases

  • Enthusiastic!

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