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Eco friendly bamboo fibre products Check our product section! , for a eco life!.

We have been exporting a wide variety of household products from China to the international Market for over twenty years. After spending considerable time researching consumer cooking behavior. We have in the last 10 years, focused on ECO friendly kitchen tools, accessories, cookware, tableware, which are made from natural resources and use innovative production process. Our products fuses eastern aesthetic sensibilities with Western technology and functionalism, and gives the consumer a more healthier life style. We are respectful of mother earth and our endeavour is to ensure these products are biodegradable and environmental friendly.
We believe in constant innovation and rely on constant feedback from our customers worldwide to improve our products. This has been our strength in developing market specific and unique products. We strive to ensure that the products are environment friendly, that the customer enjoys the health benefits of using such products. We would like to thank you for your interest in eco friendly table ware and kitchen ware. We believe that Eco Cooker limited would be your ideal partner to develop your market .
– ECO Cooker Team

Straight from nature to your kitchen!

Cooking will never be the same with our range of kitchenware. It’s not about the products, its about our Eco Lifestyle.

Natural, Healthy, Trendy.

Bamboo is a highly renewable material, one of the earth’s fastest growing plants. Bamboo fiber products are mainly made out of Bamboo powder, which is a low cost ECO friendly material and uses the most innovative production techniques.
It reduces deforestation Save the earth! through wood substitution. Bamboo fibre products are the best choice for the ECOfriendly resort hotels, homes and schools.

Safe, modern & beautiful.

Our products are not only made to be enjoyed by adults. We also offer full lines of products developed for children with exclusive decals and sizes for them. Our products have been approved by international food safety organizations and hold the LFGB & FDA Certificates as well as the REACH Europe certification.

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