Our Company Mission

We believe in constant innovation and rely on constant feedback from our customers worldwide to improve our products. This has been our strength in developing market specific and unique products. We strive to ensure that the products are environment friendly, that the customer enjoys the health benefits of using such products.

The Natural Way

Our products are a fusion of eastern aesthetic sensibilities and Western technology and functionalism. We are respectful with the mother earth and our endeavour is to ensure these products are biodegradable and environmental friendly.
How sharp are our Ceramic Knives? See it for yourself!

You can check the video from our retailer Cera Blade in which he demonstrates the sharpness of our blades. Clean, durable, light weight and above all, sharp to provide the perfect cut!

Why Bamboo Fibre
Natural & Anti- Bacterial
Made primarily from Bamboo powder 80-85%
Bamboo powder mixed with other kinds of
Natural organic powder .

Healthier & chemical free
Products have been approved by international
food safe organization with LFGB & FDA certificates
Material approval by REACH Europe certification.
100% safe for baby & kids

ECO Friendly & Economical.
Biodegradable when disposed of in the soil,
Bamboo fibre products converts into fertilizer
for plants .

Durable in use, Green lifestyle
Not easy breakable, lightweight, perfect for outdoor
Dining in the pool or garden, easy to carrying with
you for camping and picnics.

Ceramic Knife Manufacturing Process
A/ Powder Mixing: Purifies the Zirconium Oxychloride of its various impurities to produce the compound Zirconium Oxide or Zirconia.
B/ The Zirconium Oxide is filled into a knife shaped mould.
C/ The mould is placed under high pressure to solidify the powder into the desired shape.
D/ The desired shape is compressed to ensure hardness and thickness of the blade.
E/ Sintering.
F/ Each blade is sintered for 36 hours with temperature varying from 110 degrees to 145 degrees.
G/ Polishing: The unfinished blade is polished through an automated process to ensure a smooth surface.
H/ Sharpening: To ensure a razor sharp edge, the blades are grounded against a diamond wheel.
I/ Rounding tip and Edges: The tip and edge of the knife is rounded to ensure the knife has durability.
J/ Stamping: Each blade is stamped with the Czarin logo using a laser.
K/ Fixing the ceramic blade to the handle: Czarin knives are available with different kinds of handles.
L/ Packaging.
Why choose an E-Cooker Ceramic Knife

“A Perfect Cleaner Cut“

A.   We use top quality raw materials
Our blades are made of ceramic produced from the finest quality of Zirconium Oxychloride, which we procure from the Australian company ILUKA. Our factory purifies the Zirconium Oxychloride of its various ‘impurities’ to produce the compound zirconium oxide, or Zirconia. Before producing the knife blade, we ensure the zirconia powder purity is 99.9% which is the same quality as “ advanced ceramics” from Japan. It give our blades a greater transparency, a durable life and an unblemished appearance.

B. Production Process
Our blade moulds are specially designed for making advanced ceramic knives which have rounded blade tips and edges and the correct thickness to ensure the blade has longer durability. The mould is placed under high pressure of 80-120 tons to solidify the powder into the desired shape. The ceramic is sintered for 24 hours with temperatures varying from 115 to 150 degrees centigrade. The blade is polished, sharpened and chiseled against a diamond wheel to ensure a sharp edge and a super smooth surface. Furthermore, the tips and edges are rounded once again at a perfect angle to ensure the knife has durability and can withstand a drop test of 1.5 meters.

C. Eco-Friendly and Innovative Handles

Our handles are made from Virgin ABS Material , natural mature wood and bamboo . We are in the process of developing innovative Eco –Friendly materials like SILICON and PLA which can be used on the handles

D. Packaging

All our knives are packed in a high quality, reusable sturdy gift-box
The box lid closes with a magnet, making it easy to open. The inner tray is made from EVA, which in addition to being an environmentally friendly material, also ensures maximum protection during transportation.

E. Manual and Warranty:

Each knife comes with a user’s manual and a warranty card.

F. Certification

Czarin ceramic knives are LFBG and FDA certified.


How to Take Care of your Ceramic Knives

Czarin ceramic knives are extremely durable and sharp.They will hold a sharp edge for years without the need to be re-sharpened. They won’t rust or pick up food odors. However, in order to maintain the life of your ceramic knives they must be properly cared for

  • 1 Your ceramic knife is ideal for thin slicing of fruits and vegetables, fine chopping of herbs and spices and cutting fish, seafood and meat without bones. Do not use a knife to cut frozen food or bones!
  • 2 Never use a ceramic knife to open boxes, jars, or other applications that require challenging, bending or twisting the blade!
  • 3 Avoid throwing or dropping the knife on hard surfaces. Do not use it for crushing, for example, garlic with the side surface of the knife.
  • 4 For a cutting surface, always use a wooden, bamboo or plastic cutting board. Do not use ceramic blades on hard surfaces such as: glass, ceramic, stone or metal.


The unique makeup of ceramic knives means that they do not absorb odors, colors, or liquids and so hand washing with regular dishwashing detergent and warm water is sufficient to clean them. Ceramic knives should not be washed in the dishwasher, as this can cause chips, cracks or other damage to the knife or to other items in the dishwasher. Do dry the knife before storing.


The best option for storing your ceramic knives is in a knife block. If you would like to store them in the drawer, please make sure you have put on the knife sheath/cover (Czarin Ceramic Knives give you a complimentary sheath with any purchase); it is the best way to protect the blade, especially the ceramic knife tip, which tends to be the most fragile part of ceramic knives.